Salt caves represent dry salt therapy which, in turn, is based on a medical discovery made in Europe in the mid-eighteen hundreds. Questions regarding the outstanding health and immunity of the Polish salt miners led to the discovery of the benefits of inhaled salt dust.  The miners were exposed to inhaling salt dust daily and medical researchers found that the natural benefits included it’s ability to move mucus, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s ability to absorb excess fluid from the respiratory tract. These natural properties made it perfect for addressing a complete spectrum of respiratory issues and, lacking pharmaceuticals at that time, people would sit in the mines for the benefits. It was effective on everything from a simple cold or the flu to seasonal problems like allergies and asthma, as well as, chronic conditions like COPD, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, bronchitis and sinusitis. Please see our “Benefits” page for a full list of what our salt cave can do for you.

Salt caves grew out of an effort to replicate the environment in the mines so that it’s healing properties could be brought to people everywhere.  Each one is unique although they usually share two features: they’re lined in salt and use a medical device called a halogenerator that infuses the air with a breathable form of salt. The cave at Bien Soigne is lined in 17 tons of Himalayan salt and is one of only a few Himalayan caves in the northeast United States. These special caves impart added layers of health and wellness above and beyond inhaled salt therapy. The salt lining a Himalayan cave is considered the purest salt on earth and represents the ancient remains of a 250 million year old ocean. The human body and ocean water share a very similar mineral content. In our cave you’re exposed to these beneficial minerals and many guests comment on relief of their joint pain due to the high magnesium levels. And, despite its age, Himalayan salt is extremely active material, releasing high levels of negative ions. We typically experience high negative ion environments when near a waterfall or at the ocean. Negative ions will boost serotonin levels in the brain resulting in better sleep patterns, increased immunity and better mood. They will also neutralize positive ions which take the form, in our every day lives, of cigarette smoke, radiation from cell phones and computers, allergens and pollutants.

The cave is kept at 72 to 74 degrees and we suggest wearing warm and comfortable clothing. Although the cave feels warm when first entering it will be normal to experience your body temperature dropping slightly from inactivity during your session.  Blankets are provided on every chair. The cave is dimly lit infusing the salt with an earthy, tranquil beauty.  You’ll find this perfect for relaxation and meditation but too dim to read. Electronic devices need to be turned off and put away during your session.  No liquids of any kind can go into the cave.  Plan on using two flights of stairs to descend to the cave.  If this is a problem please let us know that you’d like to use the handicapped entrance. The cave seats up to 13 people so be prepared to join others unless you would like to arrange for a private session with your own group. We ask everyone to refrain from chatting during the course of your session out of respect to the quiet time of others. If you are interested in creating a social event for a group it’s best to request a private session. Cave sessions start promptly at the top of each hour and if you are running late you may be asked to join the next available session. Once a session begins we avoid interrupting guests who are already comfortably enjoying their time. Please call to reserve your time in the cave as seating is limited and it is also used for private events and various guided meditation events.