What should I wear?
We suggest wearing warm and comfortable clothing.  The cave is kept at 72 to 74 degrees, however, it is normal for your body temperature to drop slightly during your visit from inactivity.  Blankets are provided on every chair.  There is no need to remove your shoes as our cave was specifically designed without loose salt on our floors for sanitation reasons.

Will it make me thirsty?
No. The salt cave will not make you thirsty or make you retain water.

What if I’m pregnant?
The salt cave is safe for pregnant women, as well as, any other health conditions.  Please remember that the salt miners were exposed to the same environment for long hours every day and only benefited.

Can I go in with high blood pressure?
Yes. The salt cave is safe for people with high blood pressure.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes. Appointments are highly recommended. There is a great demand for the cave and an appointment guarantees you a place on the time and date best for you.

Is the cave handicapped accessible?
Yes. We have an entrance for the handicapped, as well as, people who just find the stairs difficult due to joint or breathing problems. Please give us a call en route to let us know you will be using that entrance.

Why can’t my drink go into the cave?
No liquids of any kind including bottled water go into the cave.  Salt is constantly seeking water to complete its molecular structure and we want that moisture to come from your lungs and sinuses, not on sources of liquid brought into the cave.  Excess moisture in the lungs leads to inflammation and we want the cave operating at its maximum for your benefit.

How many people does the cave seat?
The cave will seat 12 to 13 comfortably.

Can my child go into the cave?
Each child under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and keep in mind that use of electronic devices is not allowed.  It is also too dim to read.  Children need to be prepared to sit quietly for 45 minutes.

How many sessions do I need?
The number of sessions needed is different for everyone and depends on why you are using the cave.  Is it just to relax?  Because you have a cold?  Or for a chronic condition like COPD?

Should I be in the cave with a cold or flu?
Do not hesitate to use the cave if you have a cold or flu symptoms or fear catching either from someone else there.  The cave is almost a sterile environment and does not allow for the survival of bacteria or viruses.

What is the temperature in the cave?
The cave is kept at 72 to 74 degrees.